How To Create eBooks That Sell Even If You're Not a Writer

and Sell Them Online Even If You're Not Techie

-A Guide To Pinay Moms-


Are you a mom who is suffering from financial problems due to debts or insufficient income?

Do you want to have a "Money Machine" that can generate bigger income for your family needs and to pay off your debts without leaving home?

"Nanay’s Money Machine" is an eBook creation program which is 96% cheaper than the most popular program in the country, but offers almost the same strategies or even improved strategies and techniques in creating an eBook that can generate  you an income.

Get inside your house and look at your family or just your children for a little while, and tell me, “Is this really the life you want for you and your children?”

Have you ever thought of how you can pay-off your debts, secure your kids’ education, family’s medical insurance, and basic needs, and give enough regular financial sustenance to your old parents a year from now?

What if eBook Business is the answer?

Now, you might be thinking that only writers and experts can create eBooks that sell. But consider this fact:

Bookstat estimates that in 2017, there were half a million self-published authors who sold at least one book, and a total of 240 million self-published ebook units sold.

So what’s the catch? There are lots of self-published authors who create and sell self-published eBooks. Sa tingin mo momsy, ekspertong manunulat kaya lahat ng mga nag self-publish na iyan? I don’t think so.

And guess what?

According to Statista-The Statistics Portal, the number of eBook users in the Philippines is expected to amount to 4.1 million by 2023. This shows that eBook business is still growing which is an indication that it is a good business.

Here’s how easy it is -- by the time you reach this page, you’ll know how to spot a profitable niche and decide what eBook to create.

So, do you still believe that you need to be techie and expert to start an eBook Business?

You see, you can start an eBook Business that can serve as your Money Machine even if you are just a beginner and not yet techie or expert. You just need to have this eBook creation guide.

Now, before I go on, let me ask you, have you ever wondered why mothers seem to have never ending problems with family finances despite their husband working hard and sometimes with them working hard too?

Read on to discover the answer.
The reason is that the needs of the family is growing but the family income isn’t.

The prices of commodities rise, but the employees’ salaries don’t.

In addition to, mothers want to work to help in the family finances but they cannot leave their children at home.

As a mom, what do you think can you do?

Here’s a secret:

“Nanay’s Money Machine” is designed to help Pinay moms create their own online business, specifically, an eBook Business while staying at home so that they can help in the family finances without leaving their children behind.


  • Worksheets (P300)
  • 3 coaching sessions (P500x3 = P1,500)
  • Support Group (Priceless) - For now, only for those who availed of DSUT

  • Follow-up email Training (P2,500)
  • eBook on Paying Off Debts (P399)

Total Bonus Value is P4,699 but you can get them all for FREE if you buy the eBook on or before July 31, 2019

Here’s what else:

Nanay’s Money Machine is a high-value eBook Creation Program worth P999.

That’s P28,000 worth of training. But you’re not going to pay that much, nor pay half, not even half of half.

Today, as it is in its launching period, you can get it for only P499 instead of P999.

You’re going to receive P28,000 worth of training and worksheets for only P499.

In a nutshell, this program is valued at P999, but if you make your own eBook using the techniques and strategies that you’ll learn from this program, you can easily sell it up to P1,500 per eBook.

You’re only going to pay P499 to have this high-value program.

To make it more suitable for beginners like you, you are also going to receive follow-up email training about Facebook Marketing (FB Ads), website designing (with DSUT only), and Autoresponder Integration (with Getresponse) all worth P2,500.

So what's stopping you from starting your eBook Business? The current price is almost just equivalent to your cell phone's load in a month, yet it can be your lifetime source of income.

Give yourself a chance to achieve your dreams!


Grab Your Copy Of This eBook

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What People Are Saying...

rosemarie gumera


Nanay's Money Machine helped me realize the 3 most important things in life, the family, freedom and happiness. And you can't achieve it without an action plan. What I like in this eBook is that it emphasized the family value. Not only that I've got something when it comes to "Usapang Pampamilya", I also learned the "Usapang Pangkabuhayan". This eBook taught me how to create an eBook step by step and with easy to follow instructions that even a non-techie person can publish an eBook from scratch. Of course, in this eBook I also got an insight about online marketing which I know I can use them when I also start my online business. I highly recommend reading this eBook if you are a totally beginner or zero background knowledge that would like to start your own eBook business. Thanks for the tips.

Wow! This eBook is very informative. It is very useful especially for moms who are aspiring online entrepreneurs and writers. It has all the information you need to know about how to create and how to sell an eBook. Ma'am Nemz Quiquino did her best to give simple and clear definitions of terms so that even a newbie and a non-techie person can understand.

marilyn agcaoili


Jane Tapia

ESL teacher/freelance writer/event host

This eBook spoke to my heart as a mother who wants to give nothing but the best to her children and as a child who wants to care a lot for her ageing parents. For me, Ms. Nemz shows the exact and practical steps to start an online business that will help mommies and even daddies to earn additional income while being present with their kids. The book sparks hope to parents that are struggling financially. I hope Ms. Nemz will continue to spread this kind of earning opportunities to all Filipino families.

Now you have these options:

Option 1: Nanay’s Money Machine eBook is a do-it-yourself guide. Everything is a tested and proven technique which can guide you throughout your project. You can do it by yourself. But you can opt not to buy it and just figure everything out by yourself. However, doing this will just waste you a lot of your time, money, and energy especially in testing and experimenting with eBook topics that people might not buy.

Option 2: Now, you can choose to do nothing. You are not obliged to buy this product. You can ignore everything that you have read. You can choose not to act. But, have you thought of the consequences if you choose not to do anything? Everything will remain the same. Nothing would change.

You will still list down the debts your family has, and still feel anxious about the upcoming dues.

You will still feel worried when your utility bills’ dues are near and you still have no cash in your pocket to pay them.

You will still spend sleepless nights thinking about your kids’ expenses at school – tuition fees, allowances, projects, etc., their higher education, their life in the future when you and your husband are no longer capable of working; or if one of you gets sick -- the medical expenses that you might be needing. 

You will still feel nervous that rainy season is fast approaching again and your house is not yet safe for typhoons and floods. 

And you will still feel hurt whenever your old parent asks you to buy something using his/her money because you have not a single penny in your pocket to spend for him/her. 

You will not experience the feeling of fulfillment in giving them money for their maintenance medicine and to buy the food they crave for at their age.

NOTHING will change. EVERYTHING will remain the same.

Option 3

Now, let’s think the other way around. What will happen if you buy this eBook and together we will implement the program and start your eBook business?

YES, you read it right, TOGETHER, it means that I will guide you ‘till you start earning. 

That I will walk you through so that I can assist you for the parts that you have difficulty doing. I will not leave you alone helpless. 

If you click the buy now button, read the eBook, and implement what’s in there, you can soon start your own digital business. Later, you can escalate it into higher-priced digital products like e-Courses which can potentially raise your income up to 7-figure. 

If this happens, you can get rid of worries about your finances. You will have a peace of mind for no more debts to pay and no more unpaid utility bills.

Imagine knowing exactly how to create an eBook that your target market desperately needs. How much frustration from failures would you spare yourself from?

Imagine being looked up to as a hero by the people who’ve been relieved from their agonies and miseries with the help of your eBook. This is way more rewarding and fulfilling than the lots of money you receive from them as they buy your product.

Your husband is doing his best to provide for the family. And as his partner, it is your duty to complement his shortcomings and inadequacies if there are, especially when it comes to material provision for the family.

If you want to fulfill this role without neglecting your duties as a wife and a mother, act today. Click the BUY button below.

Imagine paying-off all your family debts with the money you earned from your eBooks. Wouldn’t that give you peace of mind, happiness, and contentment? 

Imagine having enough money to save for the future of your kids, to prepare for any medical needs of each member of the family, to give your old parents sustenance as a way of showing gratitude for raising you, to save your loved ones and relatives who are in need and are financially broke, and to use for spiritual activities.

Wouldn’t these make you feel deeply happy and blessed?

If you are one of those who dream one or all of those aspirations mentioned above, start realizing that dream now by hitting the red button:


Grab Your Copy Of This eBook

This eBook is offered at its Nationwide Launching price of P999 P499

PROMO EXTENDED until JUly 31, 2019!

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