About Us

Mission: Our mission is to help Filipino mothers realize their role as parents who are always there at home to guide and take care of their kids, and at the same time, to function with their role as the complement of the husband not only in the household but also in the financial matters. These days, when life is so difficult, especially in the Philippines, husbands find it hard to make their income sufficient to the needs of the family, that's why many mothers leave their homes to work and help generate income for the family. Our mission is to make these mothers go back to their home and manage it, but still generate income even if they are at home by creating their own Online Business. They can do these if they will learn how to create digital products like eBooks and e-courses that they can sell for extra income.  

Vision: Our vision is to see Filipino families intact and unbroken. We envision to see Filipino teenagers raised well by their mothers who guide and take care of them hands-on, with of course the supervision of the father. We believe that families who have the mothers stay inside the house to manage the household make happier and more peaceful families, and raise better and more responsible individuals. With mothers also earning from home, families will become not only happy but also comfortable and less worried about family expenditures.

Nemie "Eimena" Quiquino

-Founder - www.smartpinaymoms.com

About The Founder

Nemie "Eimena" Quiquino is the founder of Smart Pinay Moms website. She is an educator by profession. She is also an author, writer, and entrepreneur.  She has written four eBooks that are primarily dedicated to help Pinay Moms and Married Pinays, not only in their financial aspects but also in their family. 

Her entrepreneurial  endeavor started in 2017, when she decided to try digital products creation and enrolled to Internet Business Masterclass. She continued to learn more about digital business by enrolling again to a masterclass about creating an e-course, FB Ads, Copywriting, Email Marketing, etc. She is now helping Pinay Moms in her Facebook group, Income-Generating Pinay Moms to choose ways on how to earn income from home that they don't need to leave their families behind. She aims to help Filipino moms become productive without neglecting their duties at home as mothers. She believes that by creating a digital product to sell online, a mother can become both income-generating and hands-on mom -- things that can help make her family happier and more satisfied.