ATTENTION PINAY MOMS WHO are having a DILEMMA between working and staying at home to tend to their kids!

"these days when everything is so costly that fathers' income is just not enough to sustain the needs of the family, we, mothers seem to have no choice but to also leave the house and work. But we are also worried that something bad might happen to our children while we are away."
WANT TO LEARN a way to reconcile working and tending to your kids hands on? find out how to create e-books that people would love to buy and enjoy quality time with your kids with peace of mind.

wITH the proven secret techniques contained in THIS  no-cost CHEAT SHEET, you'll be able to create your own e-book that people would love

About This cheat sheet

it contains the secrets that make people crave for and buy your ebook


The Cheat Sheet is written in a friendly tone with simple Tag-Lish words that every Pinay can relate to. It aims to convey the message to mommies who are wondering what kind of online business they can start in order to generate additional income for the family.


It is direct to the point and short that you can read it in just 15 minutes or less. You won't feel bored reading because you can finish it even before you know it


It contains the secrets that most eBook Business owners use to create profitable eBooks and easy to sell eBooks -- techniques that may take you thousands to learn

What other People are saying...

I agree with Ms. Nemz that Pinay moms can actually create their own digital products. This Cheat Sheet is a good start for beginners on how to write an eBook that sells. I’m giving Ms. Nemz thumbs up for providing Pinay moms a copy of this Cheat Sheet. This is an eye-opener because not many people knew how digital business works. Digital Marketing is one of the most profitable businesses nowadays. You only need a computer with an internet connection. Also, this can help more Pinay moms start to “work from home” so that they can have FULLER quality time with their family. Ako bilang Nanay, pangarap kong masubaybayan ang paglaki ng mga anak ko. Likewise, it’s not just about money; you can also help solve other people’s problems too. Salamuch again Ms. Nemz for creating this eBook because this can help Pinay moms get a quick guide on how to write eBook that sells. 

CYNTHIA FULLER  //  Stock Market For Beginners' Coach -

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Our Facebook Group, Income-Generating Pinay Moms is a group of moms with or without debts and are determined to increase their income to pay off their debts or to help their husband whose income is not enough. The members are conditioned to be positive in realizing their goals and are urged to help others succeed too once they have reached theirs.

What are you going to learn in this Cheat Sheet on Creating eBooks That Sell?

You are going to learn the secrets behind eBooks that sell. You will learn how to choose a niche to work on, and a topic to write about that people are dying to buy.

Message From The Author

Hello there fellow Pinay Moms! As a mom, I know and I feel the financial struggles that you might also be experiencing at the moment. We feel the need to help our husband generate income for the family, but at the same time, we are so worried about our children that we need to leave at home when we work. 

Like me, maybe you are also terrified about the successive news on TV where little kids, even as young as 2-month babies, are victimized by wicked individuals.  And what's really alarming is that, some of them are even family friends, neighbors, relatives, or even family members.

We cannot afford to leave our little children at home and continuously feel worried about their safety while we are away. We naturally anticipate things to happen and take preventive measures as much as we can -- advance kasi talaga tayong mag-isip na mga nanay.

Other that this, we usually think a lot about financial shortage within the family due to some important needs. 

You might have sleepless nights too when the dues of your debts are fast approaching, your children's tuition fees are not yet paid but you no longer have savings, or someone in the family is sick and needs hospitalization but you lack budget. 

As for me, I learned to create eBooks that sell. It changed everything. It gave me peace of mind, gave me additional income, and made me stay at home and take care of my kids personally.

This experience made me create the eBook Creation Program that can surely help Pinay moms put up their own eBook Business that they can do at home so that they can generate income too without leaving their family. And this program begins with the Cheat Sheet On The Secret Techniques About Creating eBooks That Sell. 

The said Cheat Sheet is only the start. If you are really serious about creating your own eBook Business, you have to go beyond this cheat sheet. You need to go on and continue learning, exploring, and discovering the ins and outs of this business.

Don't you worry, you have nothing to lose if you invest in knowledge -- it will serve as your tool to success.

I hope that with this eBook Business, you can also get out of your own debts or have financial freedom soon...and have the most peaceful mind and soundest sleep ever with your kids by your side -- if not all the time, at least most of the time!

nemz "eimena" quiquino Author

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